Gaining strength and keeping it

I learned exercises I can keep doing which are good for me to continue gaining strength and keep it. The in-home therapists are very good. – Arliss H., Glenwood

Excellent rehab for strength training

The people are wonderful. I was bashful at first, but they are very nice and made me feel comfortable. I learned a lot about gaining upper and lower body strength so I could move better in day to day activities. Since I no longer need rehabilitation, I will miss seeing them greatly. – Denise C., View Full →

It’s nice to be welcomed and appreciated at work and have a manager that is supportive and open to new ideas. – Physical/Occupational Therapy

I love working at GRHS. I hope to be here until I retire. My manager is wonderful and my coworkers are my best friends. We work very well together as a team. – Radiology

Our management team works well together. I enjoy my job, find it challenging and rewarding. – Manager

Overall GRHS is a great place to work. I cannot say enough good things about the staff here and their willingness to work as a team. – Nursing

We have made so many wonderful and exciting improvements. I am very honored to be part of this organization and am always proud to talk about where I work. – Manager

I am very satisfied with my role here and look forward to more years with my “work” family. – Nursing

My coworkers are very supportive and show their desire to be the best that they can in their field. – Homecare

GRHS has a great working environment. I like that we are recognized for our accomplishments and celebrate them. It brings the facility together. – Business Office