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"We promise to be good listeners, to care deeply, respectfully and to understand your every need."

- GRHS Staff

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Our Patients Tell the Story

Our mission is to provide best quality services which enhance the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles for our patients. We lead by example through comprehensive, compassionate, and efficient medical care for our communities. We promise to provide courteous heart-felt care close to home.

Are we meeting these high standards, making a difference and delivering on our promise? Our patients tell the story........

Knee scope - quicker and easier than I expected

"Ten months after being in a car accident, I continued to struggle with lingering knee pain. After seeing Heartland orthopedist Dr. Nelson at Glacial Ridge Health System, I was able to schedule my surgery right in Glenwood. ..."

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Taken good care of at hospital and homecare

"I tripped on an electric cord and landed face down. Later that evening, I tried to walk and couldn't - broken knee cap. My family helped get me in the car and took me to the hospital in Glenwood. ..."

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Great Experience

"I just want to thank Glacial Ridge Health System for caring for my mother-in-law during the Thanksgiving holiday. Your doctor and nurses gave her excellent care from the ER to the hospital admit. ..."

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Treasure under Glacial Ridge Health System

"I wonder how many people know of the treasure under Glacial Ridge Health System. It's not a buried treasure. It's just in the basement � it's Craig Curry and the Physical Therapy Department. ..."

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A very happy ending

"In the 8th month of my pregnancy, I had a placenta abruption and needed an emergency Cesarean section. I'm very thankful for the staff that was working that day. ..."

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We are fortunate

"We are very fortunate to have such a nice clinic and hospital here."

Gary K., Glenwood

There are no sufficient words to thank them enough

"...This spring Dr. Haus sent me to Glacial Ridge Health System's physical rehab folks under the direction of Craig Curry to see if they could help. I admit my hopes were small. Eight weeks later my knee is the best it has been in 3 years. ..."

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Highly recommend Swing Bed

"I had hip replacement in July and chose Swing Bed at Glacial Ridge Health System after a friend highly recommended it. The staff was great, ..."

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I feel so blessed.

"Thank you everyone for all the good care and time you spent with me on my hospitalization..."

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So pleased with my improvement.

"...With Craig's extensive knowledge and care, my hip has improved dramatically."

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Guardian angels assisting me along the road to recovery.

"...Never having the need for physical therapy in my previous six decades, I was apprehensive. However, I was quickly put at easy by Laura when my initial assessment was scheduled...If you follow their advice and do your workouts at home, amazing results can be achieved..."

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I have nothing but high praise for this establishment.

"...I have nothing but high praise for this establishment, everyone from Dr. Brown to all staff. The smiles...the can just see that in a person. I am very impressed with the care. It's not just one person, but everybody - the cleaning lady to the nursing staff. That puts spirit in a person..."

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I experienced super heartfelt care!

"I definetly trust Dr.Campbell with my healthcare and cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. She and her nurse, Marcy, have my utmost respect, and I will continue to recommend others to them..."

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We are so blessed to have this facility and I would highly recommend it.

Due to the re-occurrence of rectal cancer, I have been to Glacial Health for outpatient services, a week stay in the hospital, physical therapy, and outpatient surgery. All the care I have received has been top notch!..."

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Making New Friends

"...They come into your home as experts in their field; and quickly become friends who truly care for you..."

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Overall Amazing

"I'm so proud to say we go to GRHS. We have been into the clinic for the worst and best. Have had amazing memories with Dr.Campbell there with having our first born son and the most amazing care for all the sickness he has caught this past year..."

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Experiencing strong, strong chest pains

"...As soon as I talked to the nurse and doctor, I felt better. They explained it all so compassionately. It made both of us at ease. They answered every question we had, and they attended to his every need..."

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Influenza B and Croup

"...I believe she was so thorough and made such a crucial decision by deciding to keep him hospitalized. We ended up staying two and a half days and received excellent care all around. I was super impressed and have been raving to everyone who will listen!..."

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A Successful, Caring Delivery

"...When the time came to finally deliver our baby boy, I felt so confident knowing that Jessie would be there. She is so smart, calm and confident! During the labor and delivery, I was again grateful for her consistent care as I heard her recall some of my past experiences that we had spoken about in clinic visits months earlier..."

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My surgical experience could not have been any better. I am so totally impressed.

"...Dr. Althoff and his nurse, Frances, spent 30 minutes talking to the five of us. Then they left so we could talk and let him know what I decide. My friend and family were amazed. Right away, they said there was no need for a second opinion and told me to schedule it. They were totally, totally impressed with Dr. Althoff..."

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Impressive Emergency Surgery

"I would not have gone anywhere else..."

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Just moved here and very impressed with the outstanding care!

"...Hands down you are always treated as a name not a number - Everyone seems to be here for the patient..."

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Keep up the good work!

"...The staff is always professional and good mannered. The Drs are very good at their jobs. I never have had a bad experience..."

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My precious new baby

"...Follow up care and pediatrician services have been stellar."

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Their caring is impressive

"I have been a patient and an employee at other hospitals and Glenwood Hospital has impressed me with its caring..."

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My son couldn't speak

"I didn't know why my son was not talking at his age so I went to the doctor's office. When we were seen, the doctor asked multiple questions and examined the child..."

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First Experience

"...The Dr. asked questions and talked to us in a way that we felt secure in knowing that the problem would be discovered and then treated. We returned for a follow up MRI and visit with a neurologist who also was very helpful and talked us through the entire process..."

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Never been disappointed with Glacial Ridge Health System

" family and I can say that we have never been disappointed with our health care here... We have been in the fine care of the staff here through pregnancies, deliveries, surgery, emergency room visits, check-ups, physicals, illnesses, numerous tests and so on..."

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I still need my A-Cup

"Waking up one more morning to find a lump in my breast was not the way I expected to start my day...We really do take care of our own at Glacial Ridge Health System and I'm so proud to be part of this team..."

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Thank you to a teriffic staff during a terrible experience

"I ran in for help - girls at the desk rushed immediately for a Nurse who within seconds had a wheel chair by the card for Agnes. Agnes was cared for with smiles and gentleness..."

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My husband and I were very impressed

"Even though I had to arrive at the hospital 1 1/2 hours before surgery, I had no waiting...All staff made every effort to make it a painless and exceptional experience for us. The anesthesiologist was fabulous! The OR staff and nursing staff were absolutely great!..."

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My favorite Heather

"Once again Heather faithfully and promptly returned my call to "Dr. Montenegro's nurse" today. In these times and at my age, a person has learned to appreciate courteous and kind service..."

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Glacial Ridge Health System used by generations

"Our entire family has used Glacial Ridge Health System for many years..."

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The Staff Was Really Nice

"It was almost 2 years ago that I was in biking accident riding it and cut my ankle open..."

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ER Staff Was Excellent

"On Christmas Eve I was presented to the ER with chest pain - All of the staff in ER including Lab + X-Ray did an excellent job..."

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Great Maternity Services

"The birthing rooms are spacious, comforting, and private. I had C-section births and the surgery room, surgery team and doctors were outstanding..."

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I would recommend this ER to anyone

"I just wanna thank the nurse & doctor in the ER you did an awesome job with helping to get my 3 yr old better and you know 3 yr olds are not easy to work with!..."

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Glacial Ridge Excels in State and Nation

"Several years ago following a stroke and several days in the hospital, I decided to take charge of my life. With the blessing of my doctor, Thomas Haus, MD, I joined the Glacial Ridge Fitness Center..."

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Fast ER Service

"My son was recently ill with an extremely high fever. We brought him to another hospital's ER first because that is where his primary care doctor is..."

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Competent and Compassionate Staff

"Words truly are inept to express my gratitude for Glacial Health Home Care - competent - compassionate, so timely and helpful!..."

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Felt Comfortable and Safe

"The nurses were kind and amazing to my baby twin girls and my family. I had a C-section and the doctors explained everything and made me feel very comfortable and safe..."

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Stand Out From the Rest

"Nothing beats the care of the staff at Glacial Ridge. The receptionists are amazingly nice and friendly, and I can't say enough about the wonderful care the nurses give..."

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Staff Go Out of Their Way

"This is one of the best run clinic, physical therapy department and hospital I have ever been to..."

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Exceptional Family Nurse Practitioners

"All of the FNPs are exceptional..."

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A Loving Place to Be

"My nurses were all great, they treated me with respect..."

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Fabulous Care

"My experience was with my first child being born and the care I received was fabulous!..."

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