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I still need my A-Cup

"Waking up one more morning to find a lump in my breast was not the way I expected to start my day as a 26 year old woman. Instead of racing to the doctor's office like any normal woman would, I decided to ignore the lump because it was going to go away.

A few weeks later I realized that I couldn't simply ignore it. My sister and I happened to be out walking one afternoon when I finally broke down and told her. She stopped right there in the middle of the road next to the country club golf course in town and demanded to see this lump. After a few tears and lots of threats from her I decided to see Jessica Van der Hagen, Family Nurse Practitioner at Glacial Ridge Health System.

The day of my appointment was nerve-wracking and I was plagued with cold sweats and nausea. Marge, Jessica's nurse that day instantly calmed me down and told me not to panic. Marge took my vitals, asked some questions and then told me that Jessica would be right in. "Don't worry Heidi; we take care of our own here." What a sweet thing to say and it made me feel so much better.

Jessica came in, asked more questions while holding onto my ice-cold hand and then sent me down to the Radiology department where Amanda performed a mammogram. Amanda was completely calm and we talked about ordinary things which helped get my mind off the lump. When we were about to start, I told Amanda not to press that "thing" down too hard; I still needed my A-cup! We laughed a little and all of the sudden we were done.

When the results were in, Jessica saw something suspicious and asked that I have an ultrasound done as well. Later tests revealed that it was a cyst and that it wasn't harmful. I decided to have it removed anyway for my own peace of mind. I'll never forget what Marge, Amanda and Jessica did for me that day. We really do take care of our own at Glacial Ridge Health System and I'm so proud to be part of this team."

Heidi E., Sauk Centre, MN


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